Summer means travel. We're on the road again!

Spreading God's Word

Face to Face and Via the Web

Jim and the family have driven over 2,800 miles already this summer, with about 3,300 more to go before Labor Day. Jim has brought God's Word to the people in Virginia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Florida. The folks at Nansemond River Baptist Church, South Norfolk Baptist Church, Cross Point Community Church and Countryside Baptist Church were a great encouragement to us. 
Please continue to pray for us as we travel more in August. In the first two weeks, Jim will preach a revival in Grass Lake, MI, and at a camp in Hastings, MI. In the third week we will move our middle daughter, Elise, to Florida State University. September and October will be especially busy months for Jim, as he travels more than he is home in those months.

While Jim was travelling and spreading God's Word, Chris Wilson was using his gifts to set  up a YouTube channel devoted to Jim's video series from the 2010 and 2012 Bible Cruises. If you would like to watch any of those videos, there is a link to them on the homepage of our website at .

We are glad to be able to send out a newsletter again, since we have been having some issues that have prevented us from sending one to the large number of subscribers that we have. Hopefully, those problems are fixed, and this newsletter will be followed by others regularly.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to spread the good news of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jim preached to the South Hampton Roads Mission Project team.
Jim will be speaking in many different places in the next few months. Please check his speaking schedule to see if he’ll be in your area!
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